Why You Want Floor Liners in Your Truck

With summer now in full swing, work days are heating up. This is the time to get out and get things done, whether you’re a business owner with a fleet of work trucks or cargo vans, or if you’re simply driving your own personal truck for work or pleasure. With summer also comes the hard scrabble abuse of dusty roads, rocks and mud, and all other manner of kinds of rough treatment for your vehicle. While you almost certainly are taking the time to protect the exterior of your vehicle with our undercoating, rustproofing, bedliners, and other services, you may not be considering how to protect the interior of your vehicle.


Fortunately, we here at Line-X of Northern Kentucky are your local WeatherTech Diamond dealers, and this means we have a full array of WeatherTeach products available to protect the interior of your vehicle. Regardless of the make or model you own, we can provide a customized set of floor liners to keep your vehicle looking its best. WeatherTech floor liners are made using a high-density tri-extruded material, which means it’s a rugged material designed to hold up to the worst conditions you might subject it to, while still remaining flexible enough to cling to the floor and footwells of your vehicle’s interior. The textured surface grips your vehicle’s floor to ensure the liner stays in place, as well as provides traction for when you’re getting in and out of the vehicle.


If you’re a business owner with work fleet of vehicles, liners reduce the need for cleaning of the vehicles and presents a more professional appearance. Over time, wear and tear on your vehicle interior is reduced, saving you money over the long term as well as helping to improve the resale value when it comes time to retire the vehicle. 


If you’re looking at a personal vehicle, WeatherTech floor liners improve your comfort and satisfaction with the vehicle. Leaving you spending less time cleaning your truck and more time enjoying it. Don’t overlook the safety aspect of our floor liners either. Generic floor mats shift around during use and can create dangerous situations when they get caught on operational pedals of your vehicle. A WeatherTech floor liner stays in place and does its job, day in and day out.

If you want to check out our WeatherTech floor liners or any of our other WeatherTech products for your vehicle, contact us today!

How Undercoating and RustProofing Keep Your Truck Looking Its Best

There’s a term used by Creole folks, “lagniappe.” It means “something a little extra.” It refers to that extra little bit of service you get in some places, like when the cook at your favorite restaurant throws an extra spoon full of potatoes on your place, or cuts the steak a little bit thicker when they see it’s you walking in. Lagniappe is something that shows the goodwill of the person you’re dealing with. When it comes to the relationship you have with your truck, you can think of a lot of the things you do as lagniappe. All weather floor mats to make sure your truck’s interior is protected from mud, a bedliner to keep it from getting beat up from loading and unloading tools and other equipment all day, and hopefully, getting a undercoating and rustproofing treatment from Line-X of Northern Kentucky.

Chances are, you’ve heard someone complain about how an undercoating treatment from the dealership isn’t worth what they’re charging, and in the cases of the little old lady who’s station wagon is only going to be used to pick up groceries once a week and maybe take a leisurely Sunday drive when it’s nice out, they’d be right. But when it comes to your working truck, it’s a completely different story.

Whether you’re driving your vehicle to worksites, hauling equipment, or loading up your gear for a hunting or fishing trip well off the beaten path, you’re looking to expose your vehicle to a higher degree of abuse and punishment than it’s normally made to handle. While you might think of winter with the salt on the roads as the main time rust can be an issue, a working truck gets exposed to these risks year round. The abuse this kind of hard work can bring on can damage the thin layer of zinc that’s coated on the steel of your truck to prevent rust damage. As this protective layer is worn away, corners, edges, and other small spots become exposed and begin to be footholds for growing rust. Getting a rustproofing and undercoating treatment from Line-X of Northern Kentucky ensures your vehicle will last longer and require more maintenance. If you own a business and have a crew working with multiple trucks or cargo vans, this service becomes even more expensive, as vehicle upkeep is a heavy and unpredictable business expense. Paying for a rustproofing and undercoating treatment ensures your company vehicles run longer and better, requiring less maintenance and giving you less cost in the long term.

If you have a recreational vehicle, like a travel trailer or a boat, this kind of treatment is just as important in the summer. Long summer road trips can expose your vehicle to more damage, and you don’t want a vacation cut short by costly repairs.

Regardless of the vehicle you’re looking to protect, the crew at Line-X of Northern Kentucky can help! Contact us today for more information on our rustproofing and undercoating treatments and how they can help save you money and keep your truck, van, trailer, or boat looking its best this summer!

What Type of Bed Cover Should Your Truck Have?

If you’ve ever been camping in the Appalachian area of the Eastern United States, chances are at some point you’ve seen signs indicating the importance of properly storing your food to prevent bear attacks. The black bears that are common in that area behaviorally act more like giant racoons than alpha predators. Over the last several generations of interacting with human beings and our civilization, black bears have developed a habit of breaking into our trash, our camp coolers, and even our tents. Black bears have a stronger sense of smell than bloodhounds, and just like their smaller racoon cousins, they’ll scrounge anywhere to get to the food they detect. Every once in a while, you’ll see a set of photographs or a video showing the surprising damage a black bear can cause in their pursuit of food. More than once, some luckless camper has left a bag of food in a soft top jeep or some other poorly secured vehicle overnight, and been astonished by the results.

This actually can be a helpful lens through which to consider the choice of a bed cover for your truck. The purpose you have in mind for your bedcover will help you hone in on what type of bedcover to choose, and when you’re trying to determine that purpose, it may help to imagine that bear.

Chances are, one of the reasons you’ll have in mind is security. While that’s important, you’ll need to remember that security isn’t a “Secure or insecure” choice so much as it’s a spectrum. There’s a saying, “locks keep honest people honest,” and this holds true of bedcovers as well. No matter how much money you’re willing to spend, there is no bedcover that is absolutely and completely secured. You can certainly get “more secured” but if someone is truly determined to, they can break in. But if breaking into your bedcover requires power tools or a complicated lockpicking system, you gain more security in the hopes of the time and racket they cause getting that person caught. Conversely, in many cases, a soft top truck bedcover will keep the occasional person from curiously looking in your truck bed and thinking they could grab one of your tools in the grocery store parking lot and walking away.

This takes us back to the idea of the black bear we mentioned before. When considering types of bedcovers, it can be helpful to ask the question, “Do I want to prevent a bear from getting into my truck bed?” You may not really have to worry about a bear, but you may need to worry about a determined thief breaking into your truck bed to steal tools, construction supplies, or maybe your packed lunch. (Though chances are that last one is definitely a bear. Yogi or Booboo, we’re not sure.)

We carry a three major types of Truck Gear by Line-X bedliners here at Line-X of Northern Kentucky. First, our Roll-Up Tonneau Covers. This is the most basic bedcover you can ask for. This is going to first and foremost help protect any items you have in your truckbed from the elements. You can load a week’s worth of groceries on a wet and rainy day, and do the rest of your errands knowing you won’t come home to find soggy bread in the back. This will ensure your tools don’t go flying out on the highway, and helps keep any random passersby from nosing around in your stuff. But as the most basic bedcover, the roll up Tonneau covers offer the least security. Someone determined enough to force their way in might be able to cut through the fabric, either using a sturdy knife or their bear shaped claws. After the roll up covers, we offer the Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers, which offer a little more security, as well as better appearance. Custom made for each truck, these covers have a lower profile and a secure latch that means you can drive even with it unfolded. A sturdy construction with the sectional pieces means there’s more resistance. A bear could probably still break into this bedliner, but it’ll make more ruckus and probably wake you up in time to chase it off. (very carefully)

Finally, we have the Retractable Hard Tonneau Covers from Truck Gear by Line-X. These covers are the most secure option in compared to the ones listed above. These covers can support up to 500+ pounds, and are some of the toughest and most secure on the market. That bear we’ve been thinking about would find itself rebuffed, as would most random thieves with their eye on your possessions. This is a rugged truck bed ready and willing to stand up to the abuse your working day or the environment may have for it.

Regardless of what type of bed cover works best for your truck, we’ve got you covered! We carry a number of different brands and styles, so come in to our shop today to see the options we have for yourself, and one of our staff will help you get all the information you need.

Why Your Truck Needs a Bedliner


Whether you’ve bought a brand new truck, or got a great deal on a used one in good condition, chances are at some point someone has asked if you’re going to get a spray on bed liner for it. You may think you’re fine going without. After all, the expectation is that you’re going to be putting your truck to work, and scuffs and dents in the truck bed are a great way to show off that your truck isn’t some fashion statement, but a real tool being put to good use.

But a good bed liner, especially a spray on bed liner, isn’t just about keeping your truck looking nice. It’s an investment in your truck. Especially if your truck is going to be put to work, hauling tools, moving equipment, or any other work site duties, you want to make sure your truck is going to last, that you’ll get your money’s worth. A bed liner helps you do that

Sun Damage – The first benefit of a spray on bed liner is the one you’re least likely to notice at first. It prevents sun damage to your truck bed. You may not realize it, but UV rays from the sun, even on a cloudy day, can do long term damage to your truck. These UV rays will cause the paint on your truck bed to prematurely fade and crack. This leaves your truck looking worn before it’s time. What’s more, as that paint fades or cracks, it provides less protection for your truck bed against rust. While the paint job on your truck certainly helps it look nicer, it’s also doing critical work keeping the metal body of your truck from being directly exposed to the elements and developing long term rust damage. Your truck bed is especially at risk because it’s flat and directly exposed to the sun. Take a look at the top of a used car and you’ll see how the UV rays do similar damage there.

Spill Damage – If you own a truck, you’re hauling things in it, and one of the most common items any truck owner puts in their truck bed are going to be the various fluids your truck occasionally needs. A spare quart of oil, a backup gas can, some windshield washer fluid or antifreeze, all items that might be found in your truck bed right now. Unfortunately, these bottles can sometimes leak, and if those fluids are left on your truck bed for any length of time they can do some damage. And that’s setting aside any harsher chemicals you might be hauling on a regular basis like lawn fertilizer, rock salt, or other items. Any of these could spill or leak, and a spray on bed liner protects your truck against the damage they could cause.

Skid Proof –  Not only does a spray on bed liner protect your truck bed against damage, it can also protect the items you put in your truck bed as well as yourself. A quality spray on bed liner like what we apply here at Line-X of Northern Kentucky will include a non-slip/non-skid surface that will offer safety as you’re working, climbing in and out of the truck bed. Also, items that you haul are less likely to slide around as your driving, and provide an additional level of protection over what’s provided by standard tie downs and straps.

So if you have a truck that could use a bed liner, contact us today and one of our trained staff will be happy to show you how a spray on Line-X bed liner can help protect your investment today!